How do i know if i'm getting enough calcium?

If you're not getting enough calcium, your hair and nails could take a beating. Weak, brittle nails and thin, damaged hair are telltale signs that you might have a deficiency. The first common symptom is experiencing frequent muscle cramps. Because calcium helps muscle contraction, low levels of the mineral mean you could experience more muscle cramps than usual, Kang says, specifically in your back and legs.

Other symptoms include brittle nails, bone-related injuries, irregular heartbeats, and tingling in arms and legs. Your body needs calcium to build strong bones when you're young and to keep them strong as you age. We all need calcium, but it's especially important for women and girls. Many people, even more than half of women, don't consume enough calcium.

Five out of 20 women and 1 in 20 men over 65 in the United States have osteoporosis. Calcium helps keep bones strong and makes them less likely to break. This information on calcium was adapted from materials from the Office of Dietary Supplements and the Office of Women's Health. Hypocalcemia, also known as calcium deficiency disease, occurs when the blood has low levels of calcium.

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