Are there any special considerations for athletes when it comes to nutrition?

REACH THE GOAL An ideal diet contains between 45 and 65% of carbohydrates, between 10 and 30% of proteins and between 25 and 35% of fat. Liquids are very important for maintaining hydration and should be consumed before, during and after sporting events to avoid dehydration. The time of consumption of food is important for optimizing performance. Athletes should ensure that they consume the essential vitamins and minerals they need to maintain their overall health and athletic performance.

Nutrition is an integral component of any athlete's training and performance program. In adults, the balance between energy intake and energy demands is crucial in training, recovery and performance. In young athletes, training and performance demands remain, but they should be a secondary focus behind the demands associated with maintaining proper growth and maturation. Research interventions that impose significant physiological burdens and dietary manipulation are limited on young people due to ethical considerations related to the possible negative impacts on growth and maturation processes associated with younger people.

This necessary limitation causes professionals to provide nutritional guidance to young athletes so that they are based on exercise nutrition recommendations for adults. While many of the recommendations can be properly reused for younger athletes, attention needs to be paid to differences in metabolic and physiological needs. Athletes should also try to minimize their intake of high-fat foods, such as cookies, pastries, chips and fried foods. Similarly, nutritional considerations go beyond increasing caloric needs and promoting healthy growth and development and encompass nutritional strategies that can optimize performance.

No special diet or “miracle food” can cure arthritis, but some conditions can be alleviated if certain foods are avoided or included.

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